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Finch is a tool for Architects to leverage their designs in the early phases of a project. Right now it’s under development and will be launched as a plug-in to Rhino/Grasshopper during 2020.

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Book a lecture

Curious about Finch 3D or parametric design? Book our lead developer and architect Jesper Wallgren for a lecture or a workshop. Jesper has a long history of teaching parametric design both in academia and industry. Some previous clients are Lund University, CITA, JTH, WSP and Tyrens. Contact Jesper at jesper@finch3d.com for more information.

You've been one of the the most compelling teachers. Your enthusiasm for design resonates in your teaching and you have a natural gift for connecting with people. It comes through in your teaching and in your practice.

John Rossabout Jesper at Lund University

Jesper introduced the structural engineers at Tyréns to computational design and Grasshopper in the Engineering Elegance program. His lectures were highly appreciated, and we gained the knowledge required to be able to use this technique and way of thinking in our everyday practice. I am very satisfied with the result!

Martin FröderbergDepartment manager at Tyréns and responsible for the Engineering Elegance program